Have you decided to follow your passion after fidgeting with the idea for a while? Are you dissatisfied with the corporate workforce? Has some inspiration visited you unannounced and doesn’t go away? This way or another, if you’re reading this, you’re most likely looking for unique business ideas to take matters into your hands. 
To help you navigate the unknown landscape of endless business opportunities, we’ve assembled a list of best businesses to start in 2022. Most of them are businesses that are not very hard to kick off, relatively low-cost, and don’t require huge financial investments.


Becoming a professional notary is not necessarily the easiest process, but it’s affordable. After overcoming this obstacle and kickstarting your notary business, you have several options. One can be partnering with companies that keep a commissioned notary on their payroll. Or you could specialize in particular services, such as immigration forms or healthcare facilities. Either way, if you’re naturally drawn to helping others, notary might be one of the best self-employment ideas.


A laundry business can become a good source of income if located strategically. Even if you don’t have much experience in the industry, you’re good to go with enough determination and distinguishable services.

Travel Agency

With the COVID-19 pandemic slowly waning, a home-based travel agency might be one of the promising 2022 business ideas. One of the reasons why erecting a home-based travel business is so charming is the cut price. You can start generating income by investing as little as 1500$ at first. Besides, the income potential is great too – you can get 8-15% per package. On top of that, since traveling is a popular activity, you won’t have to wonder whether you’ll have potential clients in the future.

IT Consulting

If you’re reasonably good with informational technologies and looking for new business ideas to start, this one might be for you. The price to get your business up and running are moderately minimal. After that, you’ll have the freedom to work independently and potentially generate a high income, since it’s a popular service.

Thrift Store

Looking for creative business ideas? This one’s for you if you’re passionate about fashion or care deeply about environmental issues. If you’re resourceful and have an eye for rare items, it might be the time to think about opening your own thrift store.

Career Coach

The next one on the list of best businesses to start in 2022 is a career coach. As a career coach, you will help others advance people in their careers. If serving others is your heart’s desire and you love motivating people to reach their maximum, you might want to try this. But don’t get disheartened if you think there are too many career coaches out there. There are many more people feeling stuck and wanting to move up the career ladder.


Are you naturally good with kids? Then that’s good news. With the daycare business becoming more and more in-demand, you can set up your own childcare center at your home. For the start, you can set up a playing area, nap corner, and a reading spot and start welcoming tiny humans right away. If you’re an adolescent, it’s one of the easy businesses to start as a teenager.


Have you decided to finally channel your eloquence into something that brings revenue? Then you might consider blogging. With more than 4 billion people having access to the internet, there’s a good chance you will reach your audience with good writing and enough persistence. For motivation, you can take a look at Adam Enfroy’s success story, who generated $1 million in under two years.

Social Media Management

There are tons of reasons why you may consider starting a social media management business. For one, you’ll generate income by using social media, something you most likely already enjoy doing. Besides, it’s a common choice among low investment high profit business ideas, since you don’t need to invest much at the beginning. You’re good to go with just a computer and access to the internet.

Ice Cream Parlour

Wherever you’re based, ice cream will most likely be considered a nice, affordable treat. If you think ice cream is not only food but a feeling itself, then you should probably go with it. For the start, you’ll need a strategic location, warm staff, inviting parlor space, and your heart to create one-of-a-kind flavors. For those living in small settlements, starting an ice cream business may be one of the best small-town business ideas.

Best Solution for your small business

Creating your products is one part of the business – the second one is getting them to your customers. Depending on the industry, you may need to deliver your products after starting your business. For this, you’ll need a strong delivery management system in place to ensure timely deliveries, customer support, a database of important information regarding your products and customers, etc.

CayPilot was created for the abovementioned purpose – to help you effectively manage your deliveries without wasting human resources on unnecessary tasks. The software is designed to help you automatically assign tasks to your drivers, monitor the real-time delivery process, schedule orders for the future, manage your drivers’ payouts, analyze your activities, and others.
If you’re ready to become your own boss and start delivering, join our free trial today.

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