what is delivery management software

If your business is up and running, marketing – effective, product – in demand, now it’s time to set up your delivery management software. An efficient delivery management system will ensure you can keep up with your orders perfectly. So you will be able to plan, control, and finalize all of your deliveries with minimum loss.

What is delivery management software (DMS)?

Delivery management software (in some cases referred to as delivery tracking software) is a product of recent years which unifies the delivery management processes that were previously separated. For example, in the past, you may have had to analyze local traffic, check up on your drivers through mobile calls, decide which driver should take the order to ensure the fastest delivery, etc., one by one. But today, with the help of specialized tools, almost all of this is done for you automatically.

How does delivery management software help businesses?

By delegating tasks to the software, your employees are spared hours of manual work such as data entry, making calls, analyzing routes, etc. This way, you reduce operational costs for your company that you can allocate elsewhere. Not only does the delivery software save your team time and essential resources, but it also minimizes the risk of mistakes and communication inconsistencies. Implementing such software will help your business achieve each of your KPIs and generate more income.

To delve deeper into this subject, we’ll tell you what a good delivery management software should do.

Assigning and scheduling the orders

Among other benefits, the ideal DMS makes delivery management easier by incorporating assignment and scheduling functionalities in the same space. It perfectly replaces a separate delivery scheduling software. So, whether you need the package delivered right away or send it to your customer at a specific time in the future, both options are available.

Monitoring the process

Usually, the software tracks the products from the order assignment point to it being handed to the customer, which, on its own, serves as a package tracking software. On top of that, drivers get proof of delivery from your clients to ensure that your product was delivered in the right condition at the right time.

Route Optimization

Not only can you watch the packages being delivered in real-time, but the application also plans the routes for your drivers. The software algorithm is built so that after assigning the drivers, it plans the whole route to the customer, considering everyday traffic and other drop-off points the driver may have. This ensures saving time and fuel while boosting your customer satisfaction.

Analyzing your efforts

Another handy functionality that gives you more control over your short and long-term activities is in-build reporting and analytics. Good e-commerce delivery management software comes with tools that help you sort and analyze the relevant delivery data. By seeing the full picture, you will be able to identify opportunities for improvement and make informed decisions.

As consumer behavior and expectations urge companies to perfect their product and services day by day, modern distribution logistics are going through much progress. Everyone involved in the process, from drivers to company CEOs, is in a constant attempt to meet customers’ expectations of immaculate service. 

Therefore, in order to be as efficient as possible, businesses have to adapt. This includes having a bird’s eye view of each and every process of the delivery logistics while being able to monitor and measure the tiniest of operations in a single space.

Fortunately, modern technological advances have granted businesses a solution to this challenge – delivery management software. With so many businesses stepping up their game by implementing delivery software for small business, not taking advantage of this tool would be costly, to say the least. 
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