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Who we are

CayPilot is a product from BIZSPICE SEZC with remote staff located in many other countries. 


What we do

We believe there is a better way to help online businesses track package delivery in real-time. We achieve this by creating CayPilot – a local package delivery app that connects business owners and drivers and guarantees efficiency, flexibility, and simplification of the delivery process. 


Here’s how

We use automated dispatch, real-time tracking, SMS notifications, and other up-to-date features that overcome problems associated with using Excel and other non-specialized tools for Delivery Management.



We want to give a helping hand to our clients in order to grow their business by delivering their packages on time to their customers, by constantly improving ourselves, the application to match users’ needs. 


Believe us 

Yes, believe us, we do care about every customer, about their needs. So, the rest is upon you – Get – get the app, Set – configure our product, Go – go on working. 


Get. Set. Go – so simple.

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