As time goes by and the on-demand industry grows, so do the customers’ expectations. When so many companies are competing for customers’ loyalty, it is crucial to give them the best product and service to stay on top of the game. Among all the attributes of a good service like accessibility, product quality, price, a very important part of the competition is the delivery process. You are not done with your customer as soon as the purchase is made. You have to deliver it to them in the best way possible. That’s where the last mile meaning comes in. So, what is it, after all?

To put it simply, last mile delivery (also known as last mile logistics) is the final step of the delivery process of a package, from the place where the company stores its products to the customer’s doorstep. While it is a crucial part of customer satisfaction, if done wrong, final mile logistics can become a very expensive and time-consuming process for the company, which creates unnecessary delays and resource waste.

What can you do to manage last mile delivery effectively? 

Until recent years, last mile delivery was mainly handled by using traditional tools, which were not created for the sole purpose of delivery management. Of course they can be used to enter and manipulate data, but they are far from the newest solution for the delivery management applications. A software that allows its users to manage every aspect of delivery operations. 

There are several benefits to using last mile delivery software, which include:

Less chaos in your work

One of the main purposes of last mile delivery software is to reduce the amount of unorganized tasks in your day-to-day work. With the delivery management software you have the freedom to trust the software with automatizing tasks that you had to manage by yourself before – be it using sheets, calling customers and couriers by phone, etc.

Customer satisfaction growth 

The growth of the popularity of last mile delivery software is highly attributed to the customer satisfaction growth. Which seems logical – the smoother the delivery, the happier the customer.


Most last mile delivery applications have in-built tools for efficiency evaluation. This means you get a clear picture of how you achieve your key performance indicators (KPIs), where you can perform better and improve your delivery service.

Reduce fuel costs

Best-route suggestion feature that comes with last mile delivery software ensures that traffic jams are avoided and no fuel is wasted.


The majority of companies which adopted last mile delivery software report that the software is much more financially profitable than using traditional tools. Generally, traditional tools can help you with some of the tasks, but require much more of your employees’  time and energy than an automated application.

Which features does CayPilot offer to simplify your deliveries?

As mentioned above, last mile software will greatly help you out with automatizing day-to-day tasks that you had to do by hand before. CayPilot application is designed to help you:

Automatically assign tasks in real-time

Using artificial intelligence and data science, our software will find the closest final mile carrier, or simply – driver, for your delivery in no time.

Monitor the delivery process in real-time

Last mile delivery tracking gives you the ability to see where your drivers are at any given moment, without you having to contact them personally. 

Schedule an order for the future

If your customer doesn’t want their package delivered as soon as possible, you can just add the order for the future in the same space where you manage your ongoing deliveries.

Finalize the delivery with a signature

Once your driver finishes the delivery, the customer will finalize it with their signature. Meaning they confirm that they have received their goods in the right condition, from the right sender, at the right time.

Manage your drivers’ expense and payout through the app

When the time comes, you can pay your drivers according to their schedule and workload from the same application where their work time is indexed. 

Automatically find the best route for delivery

Our AI-based software and best route suggestion feature will automatically find the best route for your delivery. This guarantees they don’t lose time or fuel on unnecessary extra-miles.

Analyse and report your activities

CayPilot application gives you the ability to analyse the efficiency of your delivery operations, measure your efforts against KPIs, identify your strengths and weaknesses and see where there is room for improvement. 

It is safe to say that last mile shipping is the most important part of supply chain operations. Acquiring a delivery management software has become a top priority for on-demand industry companies to ensure a smooth delivery experience and customer satisfaction growth. 

Considering the significance of last mile logistics, it is also very critical to choose the best delivery management software for your business. CayPilot is naturally one of them. A software specifically designed to power up business logistics with minimal resources and perfectly affordable prices.

Compare our free and paid plans and start managing your deliveries efficiently today.

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