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Hello, here are all the questions you might have. Review and in case you have additional questions you can write to us.
For the setup of CayPilot for the first time, you need to plan the following: 
1. Configure your basic business requirements;
2. Add and approve your drivers;
3. Start syncing or creating tasks (orders).
1. Configure your basic business requirement – once your CayPilot account is created, login to app.caypilot.com with your credentials. Once logged in, go to Settings > Company and configure the following according to your business requirements:
a. Basic company info, including name, website, and logo. The company name, logo, and website will appear on your customers’ receipts and many other places.
b. Location – this is the pickup location. Add as many locations as you want. If you are in the courier industry or similar, you can leave this blank.
c. Configurations – select your time zone, language, and currency. This will impact your reporting, etc.
d. Settings – this is the general setting for your business. Choose the option which best fits your company.
2. Add and approve your drivers – in our system, we call Driver – a Pilot. To add pilots to your business, go to Admin > Pilots
a. Click on Add Pilot button. It will show you a pop-up. Fill up the details.
b. Once the pilot is added, ask him to visit Android Play Store or iOS App Store and search for CayPilot Drivers app. Once installed, it will ask for an invitation code. Send the invitation code from Admin > Settings > Pilot > Invitation code. You can also email him the invitation code from that screen.
3. Start Syncing or creating tasks (orders) – once the above two points are made and your driver is ready to work, start creating the task in the system. You can create a manual task as well as configure your shopify store to automatically create a task when a new order arrives on shopify. In the later version of our app, you can also create orders from other sources. To configure your Shopify store go to Admin > Settings > Company > Shopify

You will need an activation code from your employer to become a driver on the platform. Once the activation code is received, simply download the app from the iOS or Android App Store. Once installed, it will ask some basic setup questions, answer them simply and get set go.

As a client, you can add a new driver to your business as an in-house or freelance driver. Simply click log on to your CayPilot admin and click on “Pilots”, then click on add new and choose the type of the driver.

You can add the tasks in many ways. If you have a Shopify e-commerce store, all the orders will come automatically as tasks. If your order entry point is different than Shopify, you can manually create a task from your CayPilot admin, or import a task, import sheet, or you can write an API to connect to your order entry point.

You can give a form to your customers, or you can integrate this form on your website.

You can assign a task in two ways, automatically or manually. As soon as a task is created, if your CayPilot is sent to auto-assign, it will assign the task automatically to the next available driver. If the settings are set with manual, then every time a task is created, you will need to assign it to your next available driver.

You can use our API or integration to connect more than one entry point.

Currently, only English is available.

Currently, we support all major credit cards and PayPal.

If you are not satisfied with our product, you can cancel at any time. You will not be billed from the next billing cycle. You can still use our app until your plan expires.

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