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Food delivery management software has been growing in popularity in the past years. Everyone can agree that the focus of food culture and related practices have significantly shifted from on-site ordering to online purchasing. So, it seems natural that restaurants now manage a considerable share of their orders through online platforms and tools to deliver their products. 

Whether you own a pizza hut, a local bakery, a grocery store, or any other food chain, it’s more likely than not that acquiring a food delivery management software would greatly benefit your business. Mostly food delivery software comes with in-built tools and features that make your logistics more manageable. Not only that, but it has an almost immediate and noticeable effect on your sales. In addition, by boosting your efficiency and increasing on-time delivery rates, software for food delivery service grows your customer satisfaction rate. So, let’s further investigate how your business can profit from it.

First of all, for those who are not yet familiar with the concept – what is food delivery management software? To sum it up, food delivery software is a unique tool for delivery management that organizes your work in a single space. It does this by automatizing the use of multiple spreadsheets, making phone calls to determine your courier’s location, and manually handling data. As a result, it improves your delivery experience by increasing the transparency for both the customer and the management side. 

Now let’s talk about the actual benefits of the delivery software for the food industry and help you learn how to identify a delivery software for small businesses.

Here are 6 benefits of food delivery management software:

Helps you deliver faster

Thanks to the inbuilt route-planning feature that usually comes with the software, your delivery timeframe reduces. The algorithm makes sure that the orders are allocated among your drivers so that each one has to take the shortest route possible. Besides, the application considers other drop-off points for the best result. All of this helps your team deliver promptly and free up time spent on calculating the best routes.

Reduces your time spent on operational tasks

One of the perks of the application is reduced human dependency. Previously the delivery management team spent more time on manual, repetitive tasks such as networking, copy-pasting data from one sheet to another, and updating the customers on order details. However, with the help of the delivery management software, your team will be able to reduce the time spent on operational tasks to allocate their resources for more important duties.

Grows your customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is vital for any business, but it may be especially tricky if you operate in the food industry. Whether you own a restaurant or a bakery, you most likely need to take extra care of the food temperature. The restaurant delivery software with its route-planning, task-assignment, and delivery-monitoring features will help you deliver at the right temperature, at the right time. Result? You guessed it.

Helps you manage busy hours

With so many people celebrating with their friends and families at the table, recurring festive periods of the year always put extra pressure on the food chain. During Easter, New Year’s Eve, and other holidays restaurant owners have to make sure they can keep up with demand. Fortunately, another feature that makes food delivery software for small businesses a useful asset, is AI-based analytics. This means that business owners can forecast the number of needed drivers for the anticipated order load and prepare for it beforehand.

Tracks your drivers for you

When handling dozens of deliveries, it’s crucial for managers to monitor each driver easily. Personally calling your drivers to check their order status is a time and energy-consuming task, especially when you’ve got other options. The food delivery tracking system automatically locates your drivers, so if you need to make any changes to the orders or simply monitor the process, you’ve got it at your fingertips.

Reduces fuel costs

Another benefit of the food delivery saas route-planning feature is that your business cuts unnecessary fuel costs. By making sure that traffic jams are avoided and optimal routes are chosen, you save not only time but also fuel. Besides, the combination of the task-assignment and driver-monitoring feature gives you the freedom to send another driver for redeliveries instead of messing up the route of the initial driver.

All things said the importance of a good food delivery service for small businesses can’t be underestimated. The market offers options varying from free delivery software for small businesses to big third-party food delivery services. Some of them, like CayPilot, come with both free and paid packages and allow you to test them with a free trial.

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