Running an e-commerce business in 2022 means, you are most likely in competition with several other businesses that are as focused on customers’ loyalty and retention. Aside from perfecting their product quality and accessibility, they try to provide their customers with a hassle-free, smooth delivery that makes them return in the future. They are able to do so by using delivery management software.

At first glance, delivering products to your customers may look like an easy task, but after closer inspection, it turns out that it is quite a complex process. The delivery process usually consists of several challenging parts, that need to be perfectly coordinated separately and together: driver-management, route optimization, order tracking, scheduling, contacting customers, and others. This is why it is crucial to have a highly functional delivery management system in e-commerce. If done manually by a human, chances are, there is room for improvement in your delivery and e-commerce logistics.

For the above-mentioned reasons, delivery management for e-commerce stores can become slightly difficult. It happens because each operation needs to be executed separately and coordinated simultaneously with other tasks. For example, if your business doesn’t use e-commerce fulfillment services and has an employee responsible for multiple parts of delivery management, without specialized tools (like e-commerce shipping software), your business risks delayed shipments, missed delivery notifications, etc. 

Now you know the challenges of e-commerce business delivery. Let’s take a look at how CayPilot, delivery management software, can help you overcome them. In a nutshell, CayPilot unites and automates different delivery operations, which we mentioned above.

Our delivery management software helps businesses:

Assign tasks to the closest drivers

CayPilot’s AI-based application will assign orders to the drivers closest to the customer, considering their drop-offs on other delivery locations. This way, you don’t have to spend time calculating the best options to save on fuel and time.

Assign real-time and future tasks

Besides real-time task assignments, CayPilot can save your tasks for the future. This way you don’t miss the delivery.

Monitor real-time deliveries 

Our software will show on the map where your drivers are delivering. In case of any sudden changes to your orders, you won’t have to contact the drivers to find out their location first and make changes to your delivery.

Choose the most profitable route 

Thanks to its in-built AI functionalities, CayPilot delivery management software will choose the best route for your drivers. It also takes into consideration traffic jams and other drop-off locations.

Create and keep a digital proof of delivery

With the help of CayPilot’s driver’s application, your courier finalizes the delivery with a piece of digital evidence. This shows that your customer is content with their package condition and delivery time.

Analyze your business efforts and report relevant data

CayPilot’s AI-powered software helps you see a bigger picture of your delivery logistics. It’s done by breaking down into numbers your successful and delayed deliveries, delivery times, ratings, reviews, and much more. This way, you can make informed and timely decisions to boost your e-commerce services and delivery strategy.

All of these functionalities become available in one space at Caypilot.com. You can manage tasks, drivers, locations, alerts, expenses, payouts, and more in a single dashboard which is designed to make the management process easy and intuitive. 

To start using CayPilot for free or with a paid plan tailored specifically to your business goals, all you need to do is register and verify your email address. This only takes minutes. After that, you can start adding pilots and assigning tasks right away. 

To sum it up, having a functional last mile software will help you avoid common delivery issues, such as misplaced packages, deliveries out of indicated time frame, customer complaints. With CayPilot you can offer your customers a reliable e-commerce delivery service. 

Start your journey with CayPilot today.

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