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At this point, it’s a no-brainer that delivery management software makes life easier for everyone involved in the delivery process. It affects both the supply chain management and the customer. So many industries have benefited from this product, including e-commerce, food, grocery, courier, retail and on-demand delivery. And most of them report enhanced delivery performance.

For anyone who’s just getting their toes wet in supply chain management, we’ll quickly go over what delivery management software actually is. Being a product of the last decade, it is a digital asset that helps business owners plan, manage, execute and optimize their deliveries. If previously managers had to control delivery utilizing old-fashioned and non-specialized tools that involved looking for data spread in disjointed sheets, dispatching additional stops to couriers on the fly, and calling couriers to locate them, the new software has changed it all – for the better.
Not only has delivery software been increasing in popularity through the last years, but it’s also forecasted that it’s only going to increase. According to a research project, the delivery management software market is estimated to grow by 12.7% yearly till 2027. So, since your competitors and emerging businesses will most likely start acquiring the home delivery software too, it is only sensible to get there first. So, let’s dive deeper into the reasons why it is a precious asset in the competition.

Every operation in one space

As we mentioned above, handling the multi-faceted supply management process is not easy. To make it work perfectly, you have to keep an eye on different operations and logistics that are spread across various files and devices. To ensure a package is delivered in time, you must manage task assignment, route definition, and several other processes almost simultaneously. With the help of last-mile delivery software, all these parts of logistics can be found in a single space. It makes your routine work more organized and hassle-free, which means more focus and energy for your tasks.

Save on fuel expenses

Usually, delivery management software comes with an in-built tool that helps optimize the delivery route on the go. Route-definition functionality guarantees that the courier route is the shortest possible one. The software takes into consideration peak hours, traffic jams, and other package drop-off points to make sure your courier doesn’t have to drive even an extra mile. In turn, this cuts down your fuel costs and helps you sensibly allocate operational expenses.

Instantly check what’s happening right now

Real-time monitoring functionality, which is also an indispensable part of e-commerce delivery management software, highly increases your flexibility. Instead of guessing or having to contact your couriers personally, the application gives you a bird’s eye view of your delivery area. This way, you’re always only a click away from accessing the package locations that come in very handy when you need to make unexpected changes or update the routes.

Make informed business decisions

Good delivery management means not only accelerated operations and an organized workspace but also a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. AI-powered functionalities guarantee that you can always see the bigger picture of your activities. The analytics tools can point to the recurring delivery problem that could otherwise go unnoticed and cost you clients and income.

Grow customer satisfaction

One of the most important outcomes of your efforts, which is also proportionate to your sales and income, is customer satisfaction. If your delivery logistics are set up effectively, your delivery delay rate is at the minimum, and you hand in your packages in good condition, customer satisfaction growth is guaranteed. Therefore, your business grows.

What to do next?

Now you are aware of the benefits of having a perfectly set up delivery management system and how delivery management software contributes to it. What’s next? The next equally important step is finding the best solution for your business goals and strategy. No matter your industry, you need a software provider that offers an optimal balance of functionality and price.

CayPilot was created with the purpose of making lives for small and medium business owners easier. The software is built in a way that ensures efficiency, flexibility, and simplification of the delivery process. Besides offering essential functionalities such as automated task-assignment, route-definition, real-time tracking, AI-based analytics, and others, CayPilot comes in flexible pricing plans. 

Our three pricing plans: Free Always, Startups and Custom guarantee that any business owner can find a solution tailored to their needs and budget. You can start delivering for free, pay per task or get a custom offer made especially for you. What’s more, you can start using our free version without having to enter your card details. 

Remember, a delivery management system can make or break your business, so choose wisely and Get. Set. Go.

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