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What is CayPilot?

CayPilot is the delivery management software that guarantees efficient delivery and simplifies the whole process. Everyone in our team is result-oriented because an outcome is essential to us. We care about our clients’ problems, always trying to solve them. Our work is unimaginable without data processing, analytics, and technology.

Which problems does it solve?

Many businesses around the world still use non-specialized tools for delivery management. Unfortunately, this often leads to chaos, inefficiency, a complication of the delivery process, and unsatisfied customers. When the delivery management system lacks flexibility, it is impossible to solve it without proper, easy-to-use software full of various features, including automated dispatch, SMS notifications, and many more. So, we offer you a wide range of possibilities and introduce a better way to improve delivery performance.

How is it possible? 

CayPilot comprises different tools for delivery management – IOS and Android app that can simplify the delivery process even more. Real-time tracking, real-time and future task scheduling for drivers, cash on delivery, multiple task assignments, drivers expense, and payout management, analytics, and reporting – all these features can help you build a more efficient and profitable business. In addition, we are always up to date and offer constantly updated software tailored to the customer. That’s why CayPilot is the best delivery management software.
CayPilot is the delivery management software that guarantees efficient delivery and simplifies the whole process

Which industries can benefit from CayPilot?

There are a large number of industries that can benefit from CayPilot. As the best delivery management software, we offer a simple way to ensure efficient delivery.  That’s why almost every industry can use the software, especially food delivery, grocery delivery, e-commerce delivery, courier delivery, retail delivery, and rapid, on-demand delivery industries. CayPilot provides an outstanding platform and great opportunities for these industries in order to guarantee the growth of their business and make everything possible with one software.  To sum up, we offer affordable, easy-to-use software that can solve all your problems connected to the delivery performance.  So, get started today!

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